The 2nd goal of the Sustainable Development Goals calls for zero hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture by increasing economic growth and agricultural productivity.

In order to implement these steps, it is imperative to adopt agricultural rationalization, land reclamation and employment policies in rural areas, in addition to encouraging initiatives aimed at helping the needy and implementing laws related to the distribution of food surplus to those in need months before its expiration date within the terms of safety and public health.

Lebanon, which does not suffer from acute or chronic nutritional imbalances, differs in the concept of hunger from the rest of the countries whose large population suffers from chronic hunger. We find in Lebanon “hotspots of hunger” in some rural areas or the suburbs of marginalized cities.

The second goal of the sustainable development goals is one of the work pillars of the UN “Food and Agriculture Organization” (FAO) in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environment, the Lebanese University and a number of local and international partners.