5.3.1.A Women’s applications, acceptance/entry, and participation at the university.

Lebanese University promotes Gender equality for the sake of enhancing Students' performance. In this sense, the university addressing women’s applications, acceptance/entry, and participation at the university.

Measure/track women’s application rate, acceptance/entry rate and study completion rate

This is automatically monitored using the online registration tool of the Lebanese University (Banner).

The Lebanese University was established in 1951. It is the only institution in Lebanon that provides public higher education, spanning majors and levels. It also carries out continuous scientific Research and qualification courses to achieve its national, human and developmental roles in all sectors and areas. In the last decade, it adopted an open policy with public and private institutes in Lebanon, to cooperate on research, academic, cultural or developmental fields or to grant its student's internship opportunities.

In this form:

To register at the Lebanese University, it is compulsory to hold a Lebanese Baccalaureate or a recognized equivalent diploma. For students wishing to enroll in the Law section, only the Lebanese Baccalaureate shall be accepted.

Documents to provide for registration:

  • Certified copy of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent;

  • An individual civil status certificate or a certified copy of the ID;

  • Four (4) ID photos.

Registration Procedures:

  • Applications for registration shall be submitted within the deadlines set each year by the Administration.

  • Applications for registration shall be submitted to Faculties and Institutes and accompanied by all supporting documents.

  • Students shall appear in person to register. If the student is a foreigner, he may give a POA to one of his family members (father, mother, brother or sister) or to the representative of his embassy in Beirut in order to register. The POA shall be given by the student and certified by the Lebanese Consulate and the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It shall entitle the student to register and obtain the student card and the necessary certificates. If the student is a minor, he shall give his guardian or legal representative a POA in order to register.

  • Applications for registration by correspondence or made by anyone not mentioned above shall not be accepted.

  • Foreign students are admitted if they hold a recognized diploma equivalent to the Lebanese Baccalaureate.

  • Each Faculty or Institute may accept student applications from another institution in accordance with its own regulations and provided that the supporting documents are duly submitted at the time of registration and that the institution in question provides a certificate indicating the date of the first registration with a transcript specifying the subjects studied.

  • Students shall respect the rules of the University and the Faculty to which they wish to register.

In addition to theoretical and practical instruction, the Lebanese University also provides its students with:

  • sports and cultural activities and scientific excursions;

  • Interuniversity exchange programs in Lebanon and abroad;

  • Training courses for students from public and private institutions;

  • Specialization scholarships abroad for the distinguished Lebanese students;

  • A right of affiliation to the National Social Security Fund for non-affiliated Lebanese students.

The Lebanese University has a statistic report detailing the LU in numbers. But since the number of women is higher than the number of men in the University, it is obvious that no gap exists in this regard. In general and during recent years, leaving the university and studies ranked higher among men due to the bad economic situations which made them leave the university to search for jobs or leave the country for better career opportunities because they were considered providers for their families.