Paid Access

Access to library and lectures is with minimal charge upon official request, but lectures in faculties where attendance is compulsory is strictly limited to LU students.

The Lebanese university carried out the disinfection of one of its libraries, since it is open to the general public in addition to its students, it is important to care for and value the university heritage and provide access to education in the best possible way.

Culture has a share in the Lebanese University exhibitions and faculty activities in various branches, represented by the organization of book exhibitions, photo and painting exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, etc.

Hanane, an actress and a citizen in her fifties, jogs daily in the streets of Beirut to fight against osteoporosis, obesity and depression. While running, she revisits her dreams, her desires, her disillusions and all the facets of the character Medea.

Alone on stage, Hanane, a wife and a mother, reveals her identity to become an actress who embodies different faces of the character Medea who end up fitting together like Russian dolls.