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  1. Russian students learn "Arabic"

February 5, 2019 within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the Lebanese University and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Russian University for Friendship among Peoples, the Faculty of Arts organized a course to teach Arabic to a group of Russian students. At the end of the session, the dean of the college, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Rabah, distributed certificates to the participating students and doctors, who are, the Arabic Language Coordinator in the Deanship of Arts, Dr. Maha Jarjour, Dr. Jimmy Azar, and Dr. Riyad Othman, in the presence of the General Master Coordinator, Dr. Hind Adee

  1. Workshop on cybersecurity principles

February 5, 2019, The CISCO Academy at the Lebanese University organized, in cooperation with the CISCO Academy in the Lebanese Army, a three-day workshop, which discussed cybersecurity principles. The workshop, which was held at the Central Administration Building - Museum, was attended by Mustafa Badawi and Jawad Khalifa and CISCO Technical Director Marc Khayat. In a speech to him, Badawi stressed the importance of the ongoing cooperation between the Lebanese University and the Lebanese army, and the importance of the workshop aimed at developing an educational material on the principles of informatics and cyber security for all elements of the Lebanese army. For his part, Khalifa presented the details of the initiative and the accomplished and remaining stages and gave an overview of the academic achievements during the past years. As for Khayat, CISCO affirmed the continued interest in the fields of cybersecurity and the protection of information networks through the development of specialized curricula in this field, and I commend the constructive and fruitful cooperation between the Lebanese University and the Lebanese Army for the common benefits.

  1. Workshop on: "Internet of Things & Networking Academy Curricula"

Workshop development on March 28 of 2019 The Lebanese University organized, in cooperation with the CISCO Academy, workshop, "Internet of Things & Networking Academy Curricula".

  1. Workshop on "Cybersecurity" 

Lebanese University, Professor Muhammad Al-Hajjar and in cooperation with the Lebanese Association for Information Technology ( LITA) , Master Systems for Communications Systems Engineering and the Department of Information Network and Communications Engineering at the Faculty of Technology - Saida, a workshop on cybersecurity under the title " Methods of dealing with attempts to breach and offend Domain Name System ( DNS ). The workshop, which was attended by a group of professors and students, was attended by officers from various security services (army, public security, and state security), and were attended by lectures by specialists from ICANN and a team from Potech Consulting. The Organizing Committee was consisted of Drs Mahmoud Rammal, Mona Al-Ashqar and Abdel Salam Al-Hajjar, lecturers, professors, officers and students participating, and certificates of participation and appreciation were distributed.

  1. Training workshop on how to design an online educational product organized by (Center MINE).

The Lebanese University conducted an open training for anyone who wanted to know an optimal way to develop electronic educational content, as current education underwent a drastic change due to covid-19.

In the context of the development of the skills of the teaching staff of the University of Lebanon, Careers Center, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Systems (Mine Center) in cooperation with the instructor, Dr. Abdul - Safadi the first episode of the training workshop:

Agile Development for E-Learning

The first episode dealt with how to design electronic educational content using modern methods, presenting traditional and modern methods of educational product design, as well as presenting the best ways to engage students and motivate them to participate in the distance learning process.

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