10.6.8. Provide support services for people with disabilities

The core values of the Lebanese University, as a public free access institution, include equality of all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender. According to the above, the Lebanese University have built some campuses and implemented many branches of its faculty on all the Lebanese territory, in order to reduce inequalities and to give equal chances to ALL student’s resident in Lebanon to access to the higher education. So even the students with modest financial capabilities could pursue their higher studies. Moreover, Lebanese University put a plan to build more campuses adequate in new areas in order to give more chance to all students willing to continue their studies, knowing that the number of enrolled students at the Lebanese University is increasing gradually, and knowing that the Syrian refugee crisis that affected Lebanon, requires more premises and more campuses covering the higher educational needs.

LU provides support services for people with disabilities and tries to implement recommendations for the academic community who suffers some a disability.

The services are divided according to disability as is following the show:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

  • Blind and Partially Sighted Students.

  • Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia)

  • Students with Mobility Impairments

  • Significant Ongoing Illnesses Such as Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy etc.

The general recommendations are:

Visual Impairment

  • Consider the kind Visual Impairment

  • Secure special rooms, dedicated extra hours, an author and reader

  • Secure books, lectures, exams in large font and assistant to write in the exams

  • Secure special rooms, reading and writing facilities, exemption from graphs and statistical tables

  • Secure university materials on audible tapes

  • Book chairs in first rows

Physical Disability

Doctors are requested not to switch between classes to give their lectures, and every group shall have a class where all lectures are given

  • Secure a person to write in the exam

  • Secure the entry of the person’s car inside the campus

  • Facilitate movement inside the campus, namely in lifts

  • Assist in transportation and accommodation

  • Grant extra time in the exams and facilitate the entry of the electric chair into the lecture hall

  • Consider physical disability, which could hinder the achievement of the specialization within the due date and grant the opportunity to have extra time

  • Exempt from tuition fees

  • LU bets in support facilities and assistance

  • To facilitate entry to the front hall and secure a special seat that considers the needs of length

  • Assist in movement and registration of lectures through voice record

Hearing Disabilities

  • Exempt from compulsory lectures

  • Book a front-row seat, if possible