5.6.6. Women’s mentoring schemes

The Lebanese University has a statistic report detailing the LU in numbers. But since the number of women is higher than the number of men in the University, it is obvious that no gap exists in this regard. In general and during recent years, leaving the university and studies ranked higher among men due to the bad economic situations which made them leave the university to search for jobs or leave the country for better career opportunities because they were considered providers for their families.

In addition, the war in Syria played a role in the Lebanese University, where a large number of male Syrian students left the university.

Statistic report detailing the LU

The Faculty of Arts 5 holds a "Conference on Distance Education and Blended Learning" and MP Hariri confirms: We are working with the Lebanese University to formulate proposals for new legislation that guarantee the quality and stability of education.

The percentage of participation was quite positive for the female gender, this type of events are carried out with the idea of always providing tools and constant updating for each student, at times like this, in which a disease does not allow personal sharing, the university continues to provide the best of itself, virtually.

Under the patronage of the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Education Committee, Ms. Bahia Al Hariri, and the presence of the Rector of the Lebanese University, Professor Fouad Ayoub, the conference “Distance Learning and Combined Education - Difficulties and Suggestions for Solutions” was held held at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Branch V of the Lebanese University, on October 29, 2020.

The conference was attended by the representative of Representative Osama Saad Al-Sayed Tawfiq Al-Zaatari, the representative of the Army Commander, Colonel Haseeb Abdullah, the representative of the Director of Army Intelligence, Colonel Khalil Al-Saudi, the Mayor of Sidon Muhammad Al -Saudi, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Professor Ahmed Rabah and Director of the Human and Human Sciences Section of Faculty Cinco. Nassif Nehme, President of the South Educational Region, Dr. Basem Abbas, Director of the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut Vadim Zaichikov, Japanese coach Eko Minami of the Dreamers Japan In Lebanon Foundation for the Friendship between Lebanon and Japan, former Deputy Director of the Japanese Academic Center (CAJAP) Junko Hockey, responsible The graduates of the Russian University of Friendship between Peoples, Galina Abbas, the Secretary General of the School Network, Nabil Bawab, in addition to several directors of the faculty of the Lebanese University and a group of professors and students.

Women’s Mentoring Program

Women's Mentoring supports professional progress and the development of female professionals and academic staff. This facilitates mentoring associations that give women opportunities to reflect and increase their leadership abilities, develop professional skills.

Benefits may include:

  • Developing new skills and knowledge

  • Identifying areas for professional growth and developing strategies to accomplish these

  • Greater access to new networks and contacts

  • Increased confidence in abilities

  • Enhanced career opportunities

  • Improved leadership skills

  • Enhanced enthusiasm for work and improved job satisfaction

Benefits of being a mentor may include:

  • Developing skills in coaching, modeling, and listening

  • Enhanced self-esteem through recognition of professional abilities

  • Increased organizational knowledge, especially from the viewpoint of the mentee

  • Developing and demonstrating management skills

  • Enhancing leadership skills

  • Gaining a sense of satisfaction in assisting a colleague to develop professionally

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Enhancing interpersonal skills

A Student Leadership Program in collaboration with Centre MINE of the Lebanese University, Challenge to Change Association and Coaching Platform by Progressive Energy

The Lebanese University organizes through the Centre MINE life coaching events delivered by educational coaches, one of which Centre MINE with the collaboration of the Coaching Platform by Progressive Energy presented the Student Leadership Program: “Unleash the Leader Within” delivered by Mrs Arij Kaissi, Educational Psychologist and Leadership Coach.

The Leadership Program helps students:

  • Learn the basic and essential skills of a successful leader.

  • explore the characteristics of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • acquire the proper tools for effective communication

  • develop their critical thinking by learning how to face obstacles and adapt to change

  • learn the steps of problem solving and conflict resolution through real-life scenarios

  • understand the ethics, morals and values which relate to their leadership dilemmas

  • gain knowledge on how to become better citizens by being more responsible and socially engaged

  • practice team building through diversified activities

  • grasp the importance of decision-making in different situations

  • absorb the importance of vision and goal setting through hands on experiences

  • Build a comprehensive set of practical skills and tools to apply in their leadership practice and in their everyday life.

Some of the modules covered in the Leadership Program are:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Effective Communication

  • Team-building

  • Problem-solving

  • Decision-making

  • Vision and Goal Setting