5.6.4. Accessible childcare facilities for student’s participation

The Lebanese University does not have accessible nurseries that allow new mothers to attend university courses. However, Lebanon generally lives in a traditional society characterized by strong family ties, and new parents generally prefer to leave their children with their parents, who welcome their grandchildren.

Lebanese University promotes Gender equality for the sake of enhancing Students' performance and for supporting women’s participation, for this reason, the university has some agreements with some childcare in Lebanon to allow recent mothers to attend university courses.

With a population of 6,184,701, Lebanon is the smallest recognized country on the entire mainland Asian continent, covering only a total of 10,452 km2.

The quality of education in Lebanon is one of the best in the world. Pre-primary education in Lebanon encourages the child’s acquisition of language and other skills which prepare them for primary school.

Facts about nurseries in Lebanon:

  • The children spend at least four hours a day in kindergarten, at least five days a week.

  • The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs supervise preschool education in Lebanon.

  • Children enrolled in nurseries are aged 3 to 5 years old.

  • Matters relating to the period of childhood from 0 to 3 years are the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Higher Council on Childhood.

  • However, age groups covered by other Early childhood education programs are children aged 0 to 3 years.

  • Nurseries in Lebanon aim to initiate children into the school environment and enable them gradually to move from the home environment to that of the school.

Some Nurseries with agreements

  • Baby Home Nursery Lebanon

Baby Home Nursery is the place where kids can grow and learn while having fun. Their team of professionals is ready to cater to kids every need.

  • Early Childhood Center

With this center the Lebanese University allows mothers to leave their children while attending university courses. Prices are as follows.