5.6.7. Measurement/tracking of women’s graduating

The Lebanese University has a statistic report detailing the LU in numbers. But since the number of women is higher than the number of men in the University, it is obvious that no gap exists in this regard. In general and during recent years, leaving the university and studies ranked higher among men due to the bad economic situations which made them leave the university to search for jobs or leave the country for better career opportunities because they were considered providers for their families.

Statistic report detailing the LU

In addition, the war in Syria played a role in the Lebanese University, where a large number of male Syrian students left the university.

The Lebanese University -LU has policies that help students, regardless of gender, graduate, treat themselves equally and be protected against gender discrimination. Some aspects are defined in the statutes and agreements that govern students. Furthermore, LU promotes Gender equality for the sake of enhancing Students' performance and the way of not having discrimination through the adoption of the laws of Lebanon regarding.

  1. In this sense, the policy at Lebanese University is non-discriminatory in all aspects, the core values of the as a public free access institution, include equality of all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender.

  1. In Lebanon, there are forty universities, including just one public university, the Lebanese University. The rest are licensed private universities that operate all over the Lebanese territory, the majority is culturally and administratively linked to religious confessions such as the Saint Joseph University, the Islamic University, Jinan University of Lebanon, the oldest of them is the American University of Beirut. As for the Lebanese University that was established after a long struggle of the 50’s generation, it is the only public institution for higher education, it is the largest and has branches in all of the Lebanese regions which lead to diversity in the students that belong to various social and confessional backgrounds [3].

Counseling office

In university reality, students can go through different personal and family academic difficulties that may have an impact on their academic performance. In this way, to help the academic community handle the difficulties they may be going through, the counseling office offers short-term counseling, mentoring, professional / vocational counseling, crisis services and consultations. This office has expert counselors to help students handle any difficulties they may face, whether academic, emotional or social, including [3]:

  • Academic difficulties

  • Drug addiction

  • Depression

  • Cultural differences

  • Family difficulties

  • Recover from physical and / or emotional trauma.

  • Couple problems