Ad Hoc

Our professors and students visit regularly local schools for career orientation and tailored lectures and workshops addressed to high school students.

  1. Campaign on dental hygiene

The students of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Lebanese University organized an "awareness campaign " about how attention to " dental hygiene " for students of elementary and middle grades in secondary first Barajneh tower. During the campaign, school students were given brushes, toothpaste and mouthwash to motivate them to pay more attention to their dental health (April 4, 2019).

  1. Conference on magnetic pollution

At March 23, 2019, the North Engineers Syndicate organized a conference on "magnetic pollution" under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and with the participation of professors from the Lebanese University, the Association of Communications and Informatics Engineers of the North Engineers Syndicate, in cooperation with IEEE Lebanon, is organizing the scientific conference " Electromagnetic Pollution and its Impact on the Health of Communities ".

  1. International Conference

The Lebanese University participates through the "Faculty of Arts" in the International Conference of Social Work.

  1. National Conference

Participation in conference entitled: "The reality of water in Lebanon: management and projects"

  1. Conference

Conference on the "Concept of civil society".

  1. Seminar

The Lebanese University Faculty of Science (Branch 1) organized a seminar entitled “PhD in Germany: available possibilities and application processes” that was held on Monday, 14 January 2019, at the Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology (9:30 – 13:30). The seminar targets students in different fields of natural sciences who are interested to apply for a PhD (or a master thesis) in universities and institutes in Germany (e.g. TUM, LMU, Max Plank, Fraunhofer).

  1. Campaign

Campaign launch by the Lebanese University and the Lebanese Environmental Scout Organization, On February 2, 2019. The campaign consisted on raise environmental awareness in the field of waste sorting from the source for 2019, within the framework of the existing cooperation with the Municipality of Tripoli and the students of the Lebanese University - Faculty of Public Health. The campaign included a practical training activity on sorting, recycling and reuse, and an explanation of the risks posed by the wrong treatment of household waste, through interactive games and presentations by the participants.

  1. Open doors event

Open doors at the Saint Michel complex in Ras Maska.

  1. Academic orientation

The Saint Joseph Kornet Shahwan School realized for academic orientation activity for secondary school students dedicated to the Lebanese University on Thursday, February 21, 2019. The meeting was organized by Dr. Christel Nassar, the coordinator of the days, under the supervision of Dean Jean-David. Representatives from the colleges attended: dentistry, engineering, fine arts, public health, media, arts, language and translation center, business administration, agriculture.

  1. Traditional evening

A traditional evening with a Russian flavor, sponsored by the "Faculty of Arts" - 3 in Tripoli (6/3/2019). Lebanese University, Professor Fouad Ayoub , the Faculty of Arts and Humanities - the third branch has completed its first activities and hosted the Folklore and Russian Folklore Band " Yarmarka " which hosted an interesting traditional ceremony at the Beat El Fun Theater in Al-Azm Cultural Center - The port area - Tripoli. The ceremony was attended by the representative of President Najib Mikati, Mr. Muqbel Malak, Director of the Russian Cultural Center in Lebanon, Vadim Zajikov, Director of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Section III Dr. Jacqueline Ayoub, Director of the Faculty of Engineering - First Branch Dr. Adel Al Hallaq, Secretary General of the Central Administration at the Lebanese University Sahar Alamuddin, Secretary of the University Council, Blessed Tanios, in addition to a large number of representatives of political parties, a crowd of doctors, members of the Russian community, republics of the former Soviet Union, literary and intellectual activities, and representatives of associations.

  1. International Conference

The Lebanese University participates in the Emirates International Dental Conference and the Arab Dental Exhibition - IDC (4/2/2019). It involved the Lebanese University, headed by Prof. Fouad Ayoub in the biggest events worldwide in the field of dentistry - UAE International Dental Conference and Exhibition Arab Dental " athasyia Dubai. The IDC represented an opportunity for all workers in the industry, to get acquainted with the latest research and equipment in the field of dentistry, and also provides space for creating business partnerships and sharing information to improve the private dental sector.

  1. The Faculty of Economics & Business Administration (Branch 1) organized a webinar on “Drafting Economic Reports”

The Lebanese University - Faculty of Economics & Business Administration (Branch 1) organized a webinar via Zoom on 24 June 2020 on “Drafting Economic Reports”, highlighting the McKinsey report in light of the current economic crisis. The webinar was presented by Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. Milad Al-Khatib, Assistant Head of the Internal Oversight Office and Audit Officer in the Lebanese Army volunteer military housing system.

The webinar was held in the presence of the Head of the Department of Economics in Branch 6, Dr. Hala Faisal and Dr. Jawad Mokh from the Islamic University of Lebanon, in addition to a large number of students from the Bachelor and Master’s degrees in the branches of Aley, Nabatieh, Bekaa and Hadath.

  1. "Financial Policies in Lebanon: Current Crisis & Solutions"

The Lebanese University - Faculty of Law, Political & Administrative Sciences (Branch 1) organizes a seminar on "Financial Policies in Lebanon: Current Crisis & Solutions" on 8 January 2020.

  1. Proper behavior in cases of fire

The "Eco Club" of the Lebanese University - Faculty of Public Health (Branch 2) organizes a lecture entitled "Proper behavior in cases of fire" on 18 February 2020.

  1. The Lebanese University – Faculty of Pedagogy (Branch 2) organized sports training courses.

Within the framework of strengthening relations with sports federations and developing students' skills in various games, the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Lebanese University – Faculty of Pedagogy (Branch 2) organized 4 theoretical and practical training courses, at New Rawda, Mont La Salle - Ain Saadeh and the Jdeideh Municipality - Bouchrieh Sed.

The courses included badminton, rugby, table tennis and gymnastics games.

Supervised by Dr. Tarek Assaf of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, the courses were attended by specialists and trainers: Paul Roukoz and Samir Shaghouri (Badminton), Nayef Abi Saad and Gabi Haddad (Rugby), Fadi Kiwan (Table Tennis), Jana and Joanna and Ali Majed (Gymnastics). [12]