12.2.3.Policy on waste disposal to measure the amount of waste

Lebanese University reduces the production of garbage and reduces food losses along the production and supply chains in order to improve the performance of all staff, faculty, and students. In this sense, the Lebanese University has initiatives on waste disposal to measure the amount of waste sent to landfills and recycled.

  1. Project at the Faculty of Public Health

Several initiatives have started in different faculties and/or branches of the Lebanese university. The most advanced project was launched in 2016 at the Faculty of Public Health 2 in Fanar, which has become a virtually zero waste facility: waste is sorted on-site, recyclables are sent to secondary sorting facilities and ultimately to recycling plants, while organic waste is composted on-site and is used to provide for an eco-garden created by the students.

In this project, 3rd year TMS students participated in the IBAAD Competition at AUB today as part of their course "Séminaire - Environment et citoyenneté" with Miss Aimée Ghanem. The theme for this year was "Rethink Plastic". 4 groups participated in 3 categories: Arts and communication (2 groups) policy formulation (1 group) and research (1 group).

The competition ended with 2 groups winning:

  • 1st place - category policy formulation: Alisson Esper and Kinda Haydar Project: Eco Garden.

  • 2nd place - category arts and communication: Sany Jabbour, Rita El Khoury, Marie Joe Nakhle, Cherine Zaydan and Nisrine El Akoury Project: Plasushi.

  1. Initiative to Reach Zero Waste at the Faculty of Public Health- Branch 2

On January 15, 2019, the students at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Public Health (branch 2) began, three years ago, the initiative of proper management of generated waste after being surrounded by rotten and burning trash. They are sorting today for recycling and composting in the campus aiming not to add to the hundred thousand tons dumped in our nature and to reach the path towards Zero Waste.

  1. Waste management

Waste management in Lebanon between crises and successful initiatives.

  1. Waste sorting project in Faculty of Engineering

On February 4, 2019, at the request of the administration and students of the Faculty of Engineering - First Branch at the Lebanese University (Environmental and Social Volunteering Club), the Fayhaa Municipalities Union provided two containers to sort waste from the source and it was distributed on the campus in the north.

According to the initiative launched by the "Engineering", the two containers were distributed on campus, provided that the faculties of engineering, science, and arts are able to participate in this mission, which takes into account the conditions for screening and preserving the environment in the university and society.

The Lebanese University is also committed to a set of agreements with local municipal institutions and councils, in the fields of environment, pollution, production, consumption, waste recycling, urban planning and planning, including:

Signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and the Lebanese University

The most important thing is that the agreement is flexible and may involve any third party when needed. It allows to secure specialists to participate in research, teaching and environmental guidance through the exchange of expertise.

The Minister of the Environment, Muhammad Al-Machnouk, signed a cooperation agreement with the President of the Lebanese University, Dr. Adnan Al-Sayed Hussein, aimed at promoting the environmental sector, rehabilitating the damaged environment, and spreading agricultural awareness and environment in Lebanon.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Lebanese University, Dr. Samir Al-Mudawar, the Head of the Department of the Environment of the College, Dr. Nadine Nassif, Dr. Abdel Halim Mneimneh, the Advisor to the Minister of the Environment, Dr. Manal Muslim, Dr. Youssef Dougan and various heads of departments of the ministry.

In his welcoming speech to the Lebanese University delegation, Minister Al-Machnouk said: “We meet today with the Lebanese University, which we are proud of as the main resource for the results of university education in most countries. official departments and private institutions. It constitutes at least half of the university students in Lebanon, and with this expansion and the number of specializations that it was able to cover all the job opportunities available in Lebanon, the region and the world. "