3.3.1.Current collaborations

The Lebanese University has several current collaborations with different health institutions to improve health and well-being outcomes, both for University staff and support for the health of the Lebanese people.

With the announcement of Agenda 2030 in 2015 and believing in the importance of community service that complements its academic and cultural role, the LU established the University Medical Center (UMC) at the Rafik Hariri University Compound - Hadath, a center that provides healthcare services to citizens and children at a nominal cost.

The UMC has various medical specialties and a medical analysis laboratory in which all types of laboratory tests and immunological, microbiological, biochemical, allergy, hormone, and blood tests are performed. The center also provides maternal and child health care services, in addition to physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, ergo therapy, speech therapy, audio graphy, radiology and medicine services. The UMC also cooperates with military and security institutions and various guarantors.

Below we will present some of these institutions with which the University collaborates: