5.3.2.A Policy that addressing women’s applications, acceptance/entry, and participation.

Lebanese University promotes Gender equality for the sake of enhancing Students' performance. In this sense, the university addressing women’s applications, acceptance/entry, and participation at the university.

Women’s applications, acceptance/entry, and participation at the university

  1. Erasmus project CBHE

The Lebanese University participates in Erasmus project CBHE entitled FREE, dedicated to the women empowerment, as well as human rights courses are taught in the major faculties and specializations. Where promote a culture of gender egalitarianism and female leadership role model by improving the management and operation skills of higher education female academics.

As activities:

The StEER-Leb project’s aims at creating and implementing student empowerment, engagement and representation structures and bodies in Lebanese universities in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The students exchanged ideas and opinions and agreed on an organizational chart, and through a focus group together with the partners, contributed to the design of a survey which will serve to assess the state of student engagement and representation throughout Lebanon.

  1. United Nations Fund

The Lebanese University established an agreement with the United Nations Fund on 20 December 2017 aiming to enhance capacities of the LU/ISS (Lebanese University-Institute of social sciences) for advocating, integrating and supporting the SDG agenda in the Lebanese context within its programs including research and teaching components. This outcome will contribute not only to translating key SDG priorities into the Institute’s academic and research program but will also feed into the national plans and efforts for developing the SDG national strategy and reports. This will enable LU/ISS to take the lead as an academic institution in establishing a common approach and leveraging synergies with the rest of the actors both internally and externally.

  1. The Lebanese University awards the first doctorate (PHD) in physical therapy

On December 16, 2019, the Lebanese University awarded the first doctorate (PHD) in physical therapy with a "very honorable" degree to the student Joey Khayat, on her thesis that dealt with "the important results of the effect of mental arithmetic on the brain and motor activity":

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Higher Institute for Doctorate in Science and Technology at the Lebanese University and Claude Bernard University Lyon, Khayat discussed her thesis in France under the supervision of Professor Ahmed Al-Rifa’i and the assistance of Dr. Ahmed Diab from the Lebanese University and Dr. Patrick Farget from the University of Claude Bernard - Lyon.

Khayat, who finished her degree in Physiotherapy from the Jesuit University in Beirut and completed both the Master and Doctorate levels at the Lebanese University, says that the basis of physical therapy is the way of thinking about dealing with the patient and helping him shorten the treatment period.

4. Dr. Rana Nicola: The Lebanese University is one of my first choice

"I am proud of what I have reached today because I am a woman first and Lebanese second, and nothing is impossible, we just have to believe in what we can achieve because space can accommodate everyone's aspirations."

Rana Nicola holds a BA in Physics from the Faculty of Sciences (2) at the Lebanese University, a Master in Physics from the American University of Beirut ( AUB ) and a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from the University of Technology of Troyes in France, and is currently a lecturer at the university Lebanese American ( ( LAU ) ) in Beirut and a researcher at the atomic energy Commission of ( of Le Commissariat À L'Énergie Atomique Et Aux Énergies Alternatives - the CEA ) in Paris and a member of the International Society for Optics and Photonics ( international Society for Optics and Photonics ), in addition to being audited regularly in magazines ( Plasmonics ) and ( Nanospectroscopy ).

On December 23, 209, among the 500 candidates who applied for the "astronauts" program under the supervision of Canadian astronaut "Chris Hadfield", Dr. Rana was chosen to be among the "12 participants" and reached the last episode and competed for the title with Saudi Arabia Mashael Al-Shammari and Emirati Muhammad Ahli (winner of the title) .

And this experiment says Dr. Rana: "I dreamed of being an astronaut since childhood, and I believe in the possibility of achieving my goal. and my experience in the " Program Astronauts " is a first step on the road. I have proved my colleagues and we women Arab women are capable of excellence and confrontation and engage in the field Science ... 4 months of photography between Dubai, the Uri Gagarin Center in Russia and the Kennedy Space Center in NASA in the United States gave us the opportunity to discover our capabilities ... an opportunity through which we lived the experience of astronauts and we were already outside the planet Earth ".

  1. President of the Francophone Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education and Research in (AUF)

Professor Leila Saadeh, from the Lebanese University, was elected President of the Francophone Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education and Research affiliated with the Academic Agency of la Francophonie.

During an international meeting of members of the network on October 17, 2019, at (Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, Fondation Maison du Maroc), Professor Saadeh was chosen to be the president of the network, which is concerned with promoting women's access to senior positions in higher education institutions.

Professor Saadeh is a professor at the Lebanese University and has been director of the Faculty of Law - the French branch there ( Filière Francophone de Droit ) for 15 years, and is a former dean of the Higher Institute of Doctorate in Law and Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences at the Lebanese University and a former head of the Doctoral Institute of Laws in the Middle East.

In addition to being an activist in the field of human rights, justice and equality, Professor Saadeh holds a doctorate (Honoris Causa) from the University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and holds the Medal of the Palme d'or from the rank of Persia - France.

  1. Degree of distinction in Ph.D. from the University of Strasbourg

On October 13, 2019, a graduate of the College of Science submitted a doctoral thesis, in which she studied how "HOX genes" work during pregnancy, the reasons for stopping their work, and the importance of controlling them via " TIE elements " found in RNA.

Fatima discovered that the ties or TIE elements are very important for the gene-assisting genes that help in the development of the face and kidneys of the fetus, especially females, and are results that open the horizon to understand the diseases related to these genes that are often dangerous and lead to the death of the fetus.

It is noteworthy that Fatima holds a degree in Biology and studied a first-year Master of Applied Animal Science at the Faculty of Sciences 1, before moving to the universities of Lorraine and Strasbourg in France to pursue a master's and doctorate.

  1. Graduate of the Faculty of Sciences at the Lebanese University "Rana Sumaida" surpasses her class in Master-1 at the University of Strasbourg – France.

A graduate of the Faculty of Science achieved at the Lebanese University, a student Rana Hassan Samida, On September 6, 2019, ranked first in the results of the Master paid (1) - the jurisdiction of ( Biologie - Santé is ) in Strasbourg (University of Strasbourg ) - France.

The daughter of Tripoli surpassed a group of students (French and different nationalities), after she completed a study dealing with the study of using the vital polycaprolactone in addition to stem cells to regenerate the bone cells in cases of arthritis, osteoporosis and bone cancer.

Prior to moving to France to pursue her postgraduate studies at the University of Strasbourg, Rana had a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences - First Branch at the Lebanese University.